Whether you are an individual or a couple,
I can help you transform your inner relationship
with money so you can have less anxiety,
happier relationships and take action to
achieve your long term goals

Using financial therapy tools, I can help you get to the heart of your money issues to achieve your goals.

Every situation is unique and each session will be customized for you. Once we determine the instinctive way you take action (via the Kolbe A ® test), your financial situation and your financial goals, I will coach you to figure out your next steps to achieve those milestones.

80% of the time when people decide they want to make a financial decision, they get overwhelmed and don’t actually execute their goals. 90% of financial decisions are emotional. If you are not clear on your financial goals or are not taking action to achieve them on your own, I can help. Our sessions topics may include:

  • Setting Financial Goals & Strategy
    • Define your Intentions & Goals
    • Money Policy and Implementing Goals
    • Monitoring & Adjusting Goals
  • Money Insight
    • Values Assessment
    • Vision for your future
    • Money Scripts Inventory (what you tell yourself subconsciously about money)
    • Money Biography 
    • Genogram: creating your family tree around money to understand what influences your ancestors had on your relationship with money and how it is affecting your financial decisions today
  • Setting up your spending plan and money policies to build assets
  • Strategizing to get out (and stay out) of debt
  • Addressing emotional issues like shame or guilt around money or debt, and identifying and addressing emotional triggers that lead to overspending, so you can achieve your goals
  • Coaching around Estate Planning issues, for you and/or other family members
  • Refinancing your home

With my listening skills, experience, and guidance, we’ll figure out your next steps so you can define and achieve your goals. Together we can address anything you do not feel up to doing alone. Our sessions will be a guilt-free space to talk about money.